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Dr. Kaydar Al-Chalabi Clinic

Rheumatology Medical Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Clinic (RMRC)

Is a friendly practice located in modern-styled villa in Jumeirah1, opposite-Alghazal Mall. The clinics’ ambiance is serene and relaxing for maximum patient comfort and you will enjoy world-class attention from the highly trained staff. There are also plenty of parking spaces located-inside. The clinic provides conventional medicine and healthcare for people of all ages.

Rheumatology Medical Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Clinic (RMRC)

  1. Management & Rehabilitation of all Rheumatologic Conditions & Diseases.
  2. Non-Surgical Treatments for Cervical, Lumbar Disc Problems, Neck, Back Pain.
  3. Management of Bone, Joint disorders and Musculoskeletal Painful Conditions.
  4. Bone Densitometry Machine (BMD) for Osteoporosis Testing.
  5. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) intra- articular & intra lesional injections which is a new & Renovative technology for management of Osteoarhritis, tendons & Ligaments diseases and injuries.
  6. Well Equipped Physiotherapy Department supervised by qualified & experienced Physiotherapist.
  7. Medical Rehabilitation & Neuro-Rehabilitation services for all musculoskeletal & neurological diseases & conditions.
  8. All assistive Devices like belts, braces, collars, splints, orthoses, prostheses & for ADLs are afforded.
  9. Domiciliary physiotherapy with all required portable Equipments.
  10. All laboratory blood & other samples are collected in the clinic.
  11. All Radiological investigations are referred to highly distinguished centers.
  12. Major insurance Companies are covered with special discount packages for self paying.

Our primary aim

To deliver the most effective treatments possible based on open communication-and-Trust. We are committed to delivering outstanding service and you will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times by our friendly and helpful staff. Your appointment will be scheduled at your convenience and will be as timely as possible. Our future goals are to expand the services that we provide, inspire patient trust and confidence and to build long-term-relationships. Thank you for placing your trust in us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


We prefer to book all the appointments in advance in order to provide a better service to all our patients. Please give us a call as soon as possible if you could not make for your scheduled appointment so we could make that space available to another patient in need. Our receptionist shall make a reminder call the day before your scheduled appointment. Walk in patients will be fit into the existing schedule, if possible, or they will be given an appointment date by the receptionist and asked to return later in the day or on the day the schedule allows. Major Insurance Companies are covered and there are special discounted packages for self paying patients.



Rheumatology, Medical Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Clinic (RMRC) Is committed to providing high quality integrated ALL-IN-ONE services.



We seek to become the premier Rheumatology, Medical Rehabilitation Clinic in Dubai where all patients can receive superior medical Care.